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Competitor Comparisons

Bondhus stands by it's tools. We've always believed we make the best tools on the market, now here's the proof.

Torque Comparison
Maximum torque of Bondhus tools and several of our competitors.
2mm Strength Demo
A Bondhus 2mm L-Wrench and a competitor's 2mm L-Wrench
T-Handle comparisons
Compare the breaking point of Bondhus, Eklind, and Allen T-Handles.
Hex Key Comparisons
The results of an independant study showing the breaking point of Bondhus, Eklind, and Allen L-Wrenches.
Salt Spray Comparisons
Bondhus, Eklind, and Allen L-Wrenches are exposed to salt water fog and checked for rust after 20 hours exposure.
6mm Torque Test (pdf)
Compare the breaking point of a Bondhus 6mm L-Wrench and several competitors.

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