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Bondhus Corporation
1400 E. Broadway
P.O. Box 660
Monticello, Minnesota 55362

Phone: 800-328-8310
Hours: 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST


Multi Packs

  • Assembled from our most popular sets
  • Multiple sets per package
  • Tip selections include Ball End, Hex End, TORX®, ProHold® Tip Ball End, and MaxTorque™ Ball End

Cases and handles are color-coded:
Inch Yellow Icon Mectric Red Torx Green   protanium proguard_clear logo_briteguard-Clear logo_goldguard-Clear  logo_colorguard-Clear

  • Available in a wide range of lengths and tip styles
  • Chamfered tips for faster insertion and full tool engagement in the screw head
  • Tools are made with Protanium® steel which is heat treated for more torque and longer tool life
  • Four finish options available


High Torque Steel:
Up to 20% stronger, with more torque and twice the wear resistance of standard grades of steel.


Corrosion-resistant finish:
Environmentally safe, provides better tool grip, resists solvents, and is           5 times more corrosion resistant than competitor finishes.


Next generation chrome finish:
Traditional plated tool look with superior protection and durability.


Real 14 karat gold finish:
Superior protection and durability over traditional chrome and the look and shine of real gold


More than just another L-Wrench

Bondhus is committed to making the best tools on the market. Bondhus is constantly working to improve our tools. We are never satisfied with “good enough.” We work hard to make sure your new Bondhus L-Wrench is always the best tool for the job.


Precision machining is critical for a ball end tool to function optimally. Understandably, the smaller a ball end tip is, the more complex the task of machining becomes.

Bondhus maintains incredibly tight tolerances and close clearances between ball end tips and the screw head walls. Bondhus machining accurately maintains the precise geometric shape of the ball on all six sides. Surfaces are smooth, and corners are sharp and clean, even on a tool as small as .050” (1.27mm).

Precise machining results in Bondhus ball end tips having more surface area contacting the screw walls than any other competitor. Bondhus ball end tools far outwear the competition, and dramatically reduce stripping. Fastener wear is also greatly reduced.






Bondhus chamfers every Hex and TORX® tool we make. This process eliminates burrs and imperfections in the tool’s tip that can prevent the tool from fitting properly or seating fully within the screw head.



Every Bondhus tool is designed and machined to achieve an optimal fit between tool and fastener. Tools insert quickly and easily into screw head and fit snug to generate greater torque and minimize slipping and stripping.

Bondhus custom heat-treating produces tools that are highly resistant to breakage and shattering.

20199-cardProGuard™ Ball End Ball-Tip

PART#      MODEL#      PCS      CONTENTS  
20196 BLX21 21 10936 (.050-5/16") + 10999 (1.5-10mm) Inch Yellow IconMectric Red
20199 BLX22 22 10937 (.050-3/8") + 10999 (1.5-10mm) Inch Yellow IconMectric Red
20699 BLX22XL 22 16037 (.050-3/8") + 16099 (1.5-10mm) Inch Yellow IconMectric Red





20599-cardProGuard™ Ball End Stubby 

PART#      MODEL#      PCS      CONTENTS  
20599 SBLX22 22 16537 (.050-3/8") + 16599 (1.5-10mm) Inch Yellow IconMectric Red





27098-cardProGuard™ Stubby Double Ball End pg-ball-Clear    new-icon

PART#      MODEL#      PCS      CONTENTS  
27098 SDBLX22XL 22 67037 (.050-3/8") + 67099 (1.5-10mm) Extra Long Inch Yellow IconMectric Red





20499-cardProGuard™ ProHold® Tip Ball End ProHoldBall-Tip

PART#      MODEL#      PCS      CONTENTS  
20499 PBLX22 22 74937 (.050-3/8") + 74999 (1.5-10mm) Inch Yellow IconMectric Red





22199-cardProGuard™ Hex End Hex-Tip

PART#      MODEL#      PCS      CONTENTS  
22199 HLX22 22 12137 (.050-3/8") + 12199 (1.5-10mm) Inch Yellow IconMectric Red
22138 HLX20 20 12138 (1/16-1/4" Long) + 12238 (1/16-1/4" Short)  





26999-cardBriteGuard™ Ball End BG-Ball-Tip

PART#      MODEL#      PCS      CONTENTS  
26999 BLX22B 22 16937 (.050-3/8") + 16999 (1.5-10mm) Inch Yellow IconMectric Red





20399-cardBriteGuard™ and GoldGuard™ Ball End BG-Ball-Tip GG-Ball-Tip

PART#      MODEL#      PCS      CONTENTS  
20399 BLX22GB 22 26937 (.050-3/8") + 38099 (1.5-10mm) Inch Yellow IconMectric Red





20899-cardGoldGuard™ Ball End gg-ball-clear

PART#      MODEL#      PCS      CONTENTS  
20899 BLX22G 22 37937 (.050-3/8") + 38099 (1.5-10mm) Inch Yellow IconMectric Red





69600-cardColorGuard™ Ball End cg-ball-Clear

PART#      MODEL#      PCS      CONTENTS  
69600 BLX22XLCG 22 69637 (.050-3/8") + 69699 (1.5-10mm) Inch Yellow IconMectric Red






14130-cardProGuard™ Ball End and Hex End GorillaGrip® Fold Ups Ball-Tip    Hex-Tip

PART#      MODEL#      PCS      CONTENTS  
14130 BLF34 34 10937 (.050-3/8") + 10999 (1.5-10mm) + 12550 (Hex Fold Up 5/64-5/32", 1.5-5mm) Inch Yellow IconMectric Red
14187 BLF16M 16 10999 (1.5-10mm) + 12587 (Hex Fold Up 2-8mm) Mectric Red
14189 BLF22 22 10937 (.050-3/8") + 12589 (Hex Fold up 5/64-1/4") Inch Yellow Icon





14132-cardProGuard™ Ball End and TORX® GorillaGrip® Fold UpsBall-Tip    TORXPLUS-RND-STOCK

PART#      MODEL#      PCS      CONTENTS  
14132 BLF30TS 30 10937 (.050-3/8") + 10999 (1.5-10mm) + 12632 (TORX® Fold Up T6-T25) Inch Yellow IconMectric RedTorx Green
14138 BLF30T 30 10937 (.050-3/8") + 10999 (1.5-10mm) + 12634 (TORX® Fold Up T9-T40) Inch Yellow IconMectric RedTorx Green
14126 BLF17S 17 10999 (1.5-10mm) + 12632 (TORX® Fold Up T6-T25) Mectric RedTorx Green
14128 BLF17 17 10999 (1.5-10mm) + 12634 (TORX® Fold Up T9-T40) Mectric RedTorx Green




14170-cardBriteGuard™ Ball End & ProGuard™ GorillaGrip® Fold Ups BG-Ball-Tip     Hex-Tip

PART#      MODEL#      PCS      CONTENTS  
14170 BLF16MB 16 16999 (1.5-10mm) + 12587 (Hex End Fold Up 2-8mm) Mectric Red