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  • Tools are designed and optimized to fit ASTER™ threaded pin one-sided fasteners
  • Available in both T-Handle and L-Wrench options
  • Precise machining means every tool fits perfectly in fastener head, minimizing breakage and stripping
  • Bondhus is licensed and certified by LISI AEROSPACE to manufacture and distribute ASTER™ Drive Tools
  • Tools made from Protanium® High Torque steel - up to 20% stronger than competitive tool steel

HexPro ™ Pivot Head Hex and TORX® Wrenches

Pivot Head Hex and TORX® wrenches allow tool user to insert wrench into socket head screw one time only, pivoting around obstacles.

• Long handles for extra reach
• Heat treated high quality industrial tool steel
• Matte chrome finish to prevent corrosion

Follow the links below to see application videos:

HexPro ™ video 1 at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vdtj962tHCY

HexPro ™ video 2 at https://youtu.be/xuL-ApNpqAw


ColorGuard™ L-Wrenches

  • Color-coded tools can be distinguished at a glance
  • Superior rust protection finish
  • Sizes are stamped on the tool
  • Ball End inserts into screw at a 25° angle
  • Extra long length available

ClickSet™ Torque Limiting Device

  • A Bondhus ClickSet™ TLD tool will deliver the same torque every time. Competitor tools deliver a different torque level with every use.

    • Protects from overtorquing
    • Reduces fastener wear and stripping
    • +/- 10% repeatability

Cushion Grip Loop T-Handles

  • Coated handles for user comfort
  • Chamfered tool tips eliminate burrs and help tools seat in screw head
  • Sharp corners transfer more torque to the screw and reduce stripping
  • Precision machined for ease of use and superior fit

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