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Superior Bits and Blades

Bondhus® bits and blades conform to the same standards of quality and precision as all other Bondhus® tools.

Blade and Bit Considerations:

  • The greatest consideration with any blade or bit is the steel from which it is manufactured.
  • Hardness, ductility, and strength determine the maximum torque of a blade, how long the blade will wear, and the blades resistance to breakage.
  • Blades not adequately protected soon accumulate rust and corrosion.
  • Insertion of a straight blade into a fastener is greatly facilitated when the tip of the blade is chamfered.

Bondhus® Advantages:

  • Protanium® Steel is used in the manufacturing of all Bondhus® tools.
  • ProGuard™ dry surface finish is standard on all unplated Bondhus® tools.
  • Bondhus has the most comprehensive lineup of handles, blades, bits, and packaging options available.
  • Exceptionally high quality machining means:
    • Tools fit better, so they last longer.
    • Engagement in screw heads is positive and stable.
    • Fastener heads exhibit less wear.
    • Stripping and breaking is noticeably reduced.
  • All blades are carefully matched with handles of consistent torque capacity. Bondhus does not manufacture tools with handles capable of over-torqueing their blades!


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