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Strength Without Shattering

Professional quality hex tools demand a level of performance not attainable by consumer grade tools. In addition, safety is a factor that can impact the ‘actual’ cost of ownership. As a result, knowledgeable buyers and professionals alike recognize the serious dangers of inferior tools that shatter instead of breaking clean.


  • A high quality tool is less prone to breaking in normal use.
  • If a high quality tool is over torqued, and subsequently breaks, it breaks clean.
  • A tool that shatters can damage equipment as well as injuring the operator.
  • Lower quality tools often experience brittle shattering.

Bondhus® advantages:

  • Bondhus® tools not only achieve greater strength and higher torque than any other competitor, they are also recognized for their ability to break clean when over torqued.
  • Japan is well known as perhaps the most quality conscious market in the world, and a place where few manufacturers can stand up to the scrutiny imposed upon their tools. The high market share of Bondhus® tools in this country provides testimony to their superior strength and performance.


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