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Reduced Ball End Breakage

Why Ball Ends break without warning: The concept of why Ball Ends break without warning is a simple one. There are just five basic facts that need to be understood:

  1. Assume that both blades to the right have been torqued to the point of breaking.
  2. The 4” blade is twice as long as the 2” blade, so it can also be twisted twice as many degrees before breaking. Torque is always distributed over the length of the weakest part of the blade, but since these blades are of a consistent diameter, the torque is distributed evenly over the entire length of the blades.
  3. Breaking strength is directly proportional to the smallest cross sectional area on the blade. The length of a blade has no relationship to its ability to deliver torque. A long blade delivers the same amount of torque as a short blade.
  4. If a section of the blade was to be turned down to a smaller diameter, all of the torque would be distributed over only the smaller diameter length. The smaller that length becomes, the more concentrated the torque will become, and as demonstrated in #1 above, the fewer the degrees of twist before the blade breaks.
  5. A Ball End is really a case of these concepts taken to the extreme. The neck diameter represents the smallest cross sectional area on the blade, and the area where the torque is focused is only a few thousandths of an inch!

    Clearly, with practically no degrees of twist, the neck reaches its breaking point and snaps off. Because the degrees of twist were so small, the operator does not feel any yield

Bondhus® Advantages:

Even Bondhus cannot redefine the laws of physics. All Ball Ends break without warning the operator with the telltale feel of the blade or tip yielding. In spite of this, Bondhus® Ball Ends are still less prone to breakage. Why?

  • Protanium® Steel is stronger than the steel used by any other competitor.
  • Protanium® Steel achieves greater torque than the steel used by any other competitor.
  • Bondhus carefully matches the torque capacity of every handle with the torque capacity of its associated blade.

Using a power driver poses a unique type of problem. At the moment the head of a fastener begins to seat, there is an abrupt spike in torque. This can damage the tool, the fastener, or the work piece. Inferior quality hex tools greatly exacerbate the problem, while high quality Bondhus® tools help to minimize breakage.

Bondhus® blades and bits are stronger than any other brand available, they fit into the screw head more precisely, and withstand hard use. In addition, Bondhus® handles minimize the potential for overtorqueing their associated blades. Even so, care and common sense should still be exercised, especially when using power drivers.


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