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Protanium® High Torque Steel:

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Customized heat treating is key to the Bondhus® line of hex tools achieving the highest strength/hardness/ductility ratios in the industry. Bondhus uses what are known as ‘controlled atmosphere furnaces’ to monitor and maintain ideal levels inside the furnace. Although they contribute to a higher cost of manufacturing, these furnaces control problems such as carburization, decarb, oxidation, and many problems experienced by the lower cost processes used by other manufacturers.

Bondhus controls the heat treating process by customizing it to each individual tool size and the unique characteristics of every batch of steel. In addition, Bondhus® heat treating personnel are specially trained and have many years of specialized experience.

Anyone with a piece of steel and a torch can do a level of heat treating. Attaining results that push the envelope beyond industry accepted limitations requires equipment, skills, and the years of research and development that Bondhus alone has committed to their heat treating process.


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