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ProHold Tip Screwholding

Patented ProHold® Ball Ends are one of the newest additions to the Bondhus® line of tools. Finally, fasteners can be inserted or removed in hard to reach locations without the fastener falling off the tool and without sacrificing strength!

Bondhus® advantages:

  • Holds screws securely on tool to allow insertion or extraction without dropping the fastener
  • Inserts into screws at up to 25° angle
  • Allows insertion or extraction in difficult to reach places
  • Turns a full 360° at up to a 25° angle
  • Engages to full depth of screw head
  • Available in small sizes (down to .050" and 1.27mm)
  • TORX® style tools available in T9 to T60 sizes
  • Non-magnetic
  • Does not weaken the tool
  • Protanium® Steel
  • ProGuard™ corrosion protection

Bondhus does not manufacture ‘gimmick’ products. Some manufacturers, however, sell screw holding technologies that reduce the tool's strength by up to 65%.


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