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ProGuard Protection

Protecting tools from rust and corrosion would seem to be a given for any tool manufacturer. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Because this essential step also adds to manufacturing cost, many other hex tool manufacturers, with the exception of Bondhus, cut corners by providing inadequate protection.

Tool manufacturers deal with the problem of rust and corrosion by providing a range of solutions:

 Protection considerations:

  • Bondhus® ProGuard™ dry surface finish is the most effective solution available.
  • Plating provides a degree of protection, but eventually nicks, flakes or wears off, and allows water to seep in. At that point, the tool is left unprotected.
  • Black oxide finishes provide only limited protection. Almost with the first use, the finish begins to wear off and allow water to penetrate through to the tool.
  • Coating a tool with oil, or no protection at all, leaves the tool totally vulnerable to rust and corrosion.


Bondhus® advantages:

  • Conventional solutions to the problem of rust and corrosion fall far short of even an adequate solution. None of these approaches provide the degree of corrosion resistance suitable for the professional tool market.
  • The ProGuard™ technology developed by Bondhus offers a level of protection that is vastly superior to any other solution available. The combination of a small, tight grained crystal structure and a dry to the touch oil create a surface that is very difficult for moisture and contaminants to penetrate.
  • ProGuard™ dry surface finish is a radically different solution. It starts with caustic cleaning to remove all oxides and impurities on the surface, and then uses a proprietary electrolytic process to grow a very tight and small grained crystal structure on the surface of the tool. In addition, a fast drying oil is used to provide yet a second line of protection.
  • Line operators responsible for the ProGuard™ process receive special training at Bondhus. The end result is Bondhus® tools are clean and dry to handle, maintain an attractive appearance, and have the highest level of protection in the industry from rust, corrosion, and the inevitable damage associated with a deteriorating surface.

Resistance to salt-spray testing:

The results of comparative Salt Spray performance testing, conducted by an independent lab on 5/16" hex wrenches, provide dramatic proof that the Bondhus® ProGuard™ corrosion protection is superior to any other solution available.

Test method: The test was conducted in accordance with ASTM:B117-94. The samples were tested as received with no cleaning prior to exposure. The wrenches were supported at an angle of 15° from vertical for 20 hours under controlled conditions:
Test Media 5% salt solution
Cabinet Temperature 95°
Fog Collection (ml/hr) 1.2 to 1.3
Specific Gravity 1.037
pH Range 7
Humidifier Temperature 110° F
Tower Pressure 12 psig

Mfg Sample % Rust after 20 hrs Type & location of rust
Bondhus A 3 to 5% 3 - 4 pinhead size red rust spots
  B 3 to 5% 3 - 4 pinhead size red rust spots
Eklind A 60 to 70% Red rust and pitting of surface
  B 60 to 70% Red rust and pitting of surface
Allen A 70 to 80% Red rust and pitting of surface
  B 70 to 80% Red rust and pitting of surface
Testing conducted by independent lab

Maximum % Rust after 20 Hours Exposure


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