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Precision Machining

Every manufacturer advertises the ‘quality’ of their tools. Testing however, reveals results that are not always consistent with the claims. A properly functioning, high quality process does not produce tools that are dimensionally inaccurate, shatter, and wear out prematurely.

There are numerous factors that determine the quality of a hex tool, but principle among them is the tools ability to install or remove a fastener. So what determines how well the tool will perform its primary duty?

A hex tools effectiveness is directly proportional to how well it fits into a fastener. Everyone understands that if a screw is removed with a blade that is too large or too small, it will not fit snuggly or engage properly into the screw head. Both the tool and the fastener will probably be damaged. Hex tools are no different.

Bondhus enforces the tightest tolerances in the industry. Every tool is designed for the absolute optimal fit in the fastener. Tighter tolerances mean that even with a worst case fastener, the best possible fit will still be achieved. In addition, the Bondhus® specification demands hex stock that is smooth and free of defects created in the process of drawing, sharp and clean corners, precise machining, and a tightly sealed surface to prevent damage from corrosion.

Machining considerations:

  • A poorly machined Ball End does not fit properly into a screw head. It not only risks stripping the screw head, it does not produce a smooth rotating action either.
  • Edges that are not sharp and clean cause excessive tool wear, contribute to stripping of screw heads, and facilitate development of rust and corrosion on the rough surfaces.

Bondhus® Advantages:

  • Compare the precision of Bondhus® tools to those of its competitor’s. Bondhus means precision!
  • The pictures below are dramatic examples of the capability Bondhus has to machine even intricate geometric shapes.
  • Sharp clean edges on Bondhus® tools extend both tool and screw head life.
  • Machining a Ball End on a very small blade is notoriously difficult to accomplish. Even so, compare the difference between the Bondhus® 0.50" tool and that of a typical competitor.


Bondhus® 1/4"

Competitor 1/4"

Bondhus® 0.05"

Competitor 0.50"

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