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Lifetime Warranty

Not all warranties are created equal, and the tool industry is no exception. Reading the fine print often makes telling statements about the manufacturer’s confidence in their own product.

Bondhus believes in the quality of their tools and the
warranty they carry is your proof.

Warranty considerations:
  • Is the warranty unconditional?
  • What conditions limit or void the warranty?
  • How is validity of a warranty claim determined?
  • Is the solution to a claim up to the discretion of the manufacturer?
Bondhus advantages:
  • Bondhus® tools are designed by toolmakers and designed to last.
  • Only Bondhus offers an unconditional lifetime warranty, while other manufacturers limit their warranties.

Warranty Instructions
All Bondhus® products are guaranteed for life. If you are not happy with a Bondhus® tool - for any reason - simply return it. A replacement will be shipped right out at no cost - no hassles, no questions asked!

Warranty Return Address
Bondhus Corporation
Attn: Warranty Department
1400 E Broadway
Monticello, MN 55362


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