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Handles Matching Torque

A well designed handle can make a tool a joy to use, and greatly enhance an operator’s efficiency in performing a task. In addition, a hex tool handle should be designed to protect its blade, and the fasteners it drives, from wear and breakage.

Bondhus® handles are designed by people who know, understand, and use tools for a living. Good handle design doesn’t just happen; it’s the outcome of experience and refinement performed by dedicated people who care about their customers.

Bondhus® advantages:

  • Handles ergonomically designed greatly reduces fatigue and the pain associated with poorly designed handles.
  • Handle cushioning increases comfort and reduces fatigue.
  • A non-slip surface contributes to good grip, and also reduces the potential for skinned knuckles due to slippage.
  • Operator strength is a major consideration in handle design because handles need to accommodate a range of strengths.
  • Handles are large enough to easily and comfortably generate needed torque, yet small enough to help prevent accidental over-torqueing that could damage the blade or tip.
  • Blade torque must be accurately established for every blade, and be consistently maintained in the manufacturing process. Discrepancies in torque could yield unpredictable performance.
  • Too much handle torque risks breaking the blade, and too little torque creates needless fatigue. Bondhus always errs on the side of protecting the blade.
  • Screwdriver blades pose challenges not associated with other handle types:
    • Screwdriver handle shape must be considered in determining the torque capacity of a handle. For example, a completely round handle would have less torque capacity than a rectangular shaped handle.
    • The screwdriver handle grip needs to be taken into account when designing a screwdriver handle.
    • A completely smooth surface does not have the same grip as a textured surface, and will result in a different torque capacity.


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