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The Cost of Inferior Tools

As a final point, the real cost of using an inferior tool is realized when things go wrong. As anyone who works with mechanical devices knows, bad things happen. It’s not an if, it’s a when.

The screw on the right is one of those bad things that happen. With the head severely stripped, it can no longer be removed with a hex tool. If it’s in a confined location where a clamping device cannot grip it, the task becomes problematic. If a Ball End breaks off in the head, the situation becomes even more serious.

The cost of quality hex tools is negligible compared to removing a broken or stripped screw. Will it take a couple hours? An entire day? Is an entire production line being held up? What is the real cost of an inexpensive tool?

It’s evident that Bondhus understands production in the real world, and that professionals are sometimes only as good as the tools they have to work with. Bondhus is not in the business of making tools to deal with disasters. Bondhus’ business is making tools that prevent disasters in the first place.

Inferior tools waste valuable resources. They break, they wear prematurely, they damage fasteners, they create problems that wouldn’t have occurred at all with a Bondhus® tool.

The purpose of a high quality tool is to provide a faster, easier, and less costly means of performing a task. Bondhus strives to provide not just good tools, but the finest tools available anywhere. Customer satisfaction is what we strive for

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