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Chamfered Ends

The clearance between a hex key and the screw into which it is inserted is approximately .0005" or less on each side of the key. The illustration on the right demonstrates how burrs interfere with, or prevent, the insertion of a key into a screw.

The results of the cutting method known as 'precision cutting' are shown on the left. It is easy to see how the imprecise nature of the cut is responsible for creating burrs.

Chamfering considerations:

  • Manufacturers making so-called ‘precision cut ends’ typically create burrs of .001 to .003 inches, and at times, the tool can not even be forced into the screw head. Tool owners must often resort to filing the end of the tool just to be able to use it.
  • Insertion of a straight blade into a fastener is greatly facilitated when the burr is eliminated by chamfering the tip of the blade.

Bondhus® Advantages:

  • Although chamfering adds ~5% to the cost of manufacturing, all Bondhus® straight blades are chamfered for easy insertion into screw heads.
  • Sharp clean edges on Bondhus® tools extend both tool and screw head life.


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